Focus on change

Each January I make a silent promise to try to change the things that I know are not great. Better choices in diet, exercise and health. Not a full resolution, just a deal with myself. By the beginning of February each year, I realize I am off track, again. I re-focus and start again. This year the end of January brought a different change and while I don’t have a choice in the change, it has occurred, and I have no choice but to move forward.

There comes a point in life, where you realize that time has passed, and time makes its passing known. The first time I noticed time’s message was when I reached a certain age, and I remembered my mother’s birthday at the same age. I catch myself thinking about that realization from time to time and until now it was just a reminder that time wanted me to know. This year I hadn’t reached a milestone age, yet I did. Time was making itself known again and it wanted me to pay attention.

I guess time wasn’t happy that I didn’t want to grow up. Time decided I needed to pay more attention to time. As I write this it seems silly, but living my life, I was kind of ignoring time. Things I had planned to accomplish in the last two years, have not happened. Not all my choice of course, but rather the results of decisions others have made for me.

Other years I have been happy to wait for Spring this year. This year I need to move forward and make plans for my time. I need to focus on the change and choose the path that makes the difference.

New products are in development, and I am really excited about events for this year. My path and plan are to see more of you this Spring and Summer.

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