Perfectly Pink

It never occurred to me before moving to Summer Mountain, that pink was one of nature’s true colors. You know from art class that red and white make pink. Well, in all reality a shade of lighter red. But pink on its own is a regular on the mountain. When you are driving by the native Rhododendron you might be tempted to think they are white. The cultivated ones along the houses in town are deep magenta, but the native ones here are pink. Softly shaded from pink to lighter pink, they appear in early summer. Here on the mountain, the show begins with the Mountain Laurel in May. They too are a fragile pink. Then the end of June the Rhododendron bloom. After the Rhododendron, then the tall thistle flowers in their deep pink come to bloom in the heat of summer.

Pink tends to seem artificial when I think back on the trimmings of little girls. Dolls and bows, backpacks and sneakers. Not a brand or a name, but a color all of its own. Upon reflection, it seems that pink is truly a natural color deserving of a little respect. Not the mixture of two colors at all, but its own defiant color of nature. Perfectly Pink. Maybe, now that I’ve taken the time to watch and look at nature, I can see the color for its regal importance.

Still curing, is a new soap for Spring I’ve called Summer Mountain, and yes, it is perfectly pink. Watch for some new Essential Oil blends in springtime colors.

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